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I’ve been fortunate to be on some of the show courts at the Capital Tennis Association Capital Classic tournaments and my parents who live in Wisconsin have been able to see me play LIVE and with some colorful commentary. I’ve also been able to commentate on other matches! Join me in supporting!
— - Seth Pamperin Berger, October, 2015 via Facebook
I feel so humbled by this opportunity! I’ve been working so hard over the years to build something I’m passionate about, and it feels great to see the progress. Stay tuned for the upcoming projects! ‪#‎nowhereneardone‬ ‪#‎laserfocus‬ ‪#‎engntennisapparel‬ ‪#‎ccesportsnetwork‬ ‪#‎coachingvaultgoingnationwide‬
— Coach Amir Rahbar, December 2015 via Facebook
Greetings from London. I just wanted to say many thanks for your Gay Games coverage. I play for stonewall FC [....] and it was so great to be able to watch the semi and the final of the football live, thousands of miles away, on my phone. Your whole set-up is really impressive. Great work, all of you.
— Daniel (Stonewall FC, third team), Aug 15, 2014 via email
Thank you for the love, @ccesportnetwork! We appreciate what you do and look forward to seeing you at all of the NGBA’s tournaments in 2015!!
— LA Metrostars (Basketball Team), Jan 2015 via Instagram
It was so cool to have my team’s @GG9Cleveland game streamed live, @CCESportNetwork! Hope to see you at @NGBAUS tourneys #thefutureishere
— Jason Jaramillo (President of LambdaBball), Aug 2014 via Twitter
 2011 - 2018 - Celebrating 5 years

2011 - 2018 - Celebrating 5 years

First, I’d like to say, you did a wonderful job during the GG9. I still enjoying watching your videos.
— Aviv Collen (Viewer from Israel), Aug 28, 2014 via email
Your [] was a big hit with all of the boys over this side of the pond. Everyone is asking me when I will have the [soccer] games on our YouTube page. Thank you so much for the fun opportunity.
— Alex Rawcliffe (Stonewall UK), Aug 22, 2014 via email
I’m thrilled with your coverage! I’m waching my brother (go NY!) from Alabama. I hadn’t been able to see my brother compete since HS! #LogisticallyImpossible #notanymore
— Sarah Rice (Blogger, Mother), Aug 2013 via Twitter (two tweets)
The emergence in 2012 of the CCE Sports Network is the latest stamp of validation for the growing LGBT sports movement.
— Kevin Majoros (Reporter), Washington Blade, Sept. 25, 2013 article
That’s awesome. I saw the streaming videos on a couple of the events [ IGLA 2013...]. Def can bring competition to the pool. I’m going to start training tomorrow night and sign up for the October meet too. Seems like a great team! See you in the waters! Cheers!
— Danny Martinelli, Sept, 2013 via Facebook to Kevin Majoros - saw our live coverage and joined the DCAC swimming club
@CCESportNetwork will be broadcasting live streaming of @GG9Cleveland. How cool is this!!! #GoAllOut #GayGamesCleveland
— Marcquis Love-Cash, Atlanta Track Club member, April 2014 via Twitter
Thanks for the follow and the great work you do!
— John Sinopoli (Author, Activist), Sept. 2013 via Twitter
Watching the @CCESportNetwork coverage of the Columbus Classic makes me anxious for #ThePeach in Atlanta. #ReadyToPlay
— Adam Helewski (Athlete, Reality TV junkie, tennis addict), July 2013 via Twitter
Some of my Bag Checks/Player interviews will be used in rotation on @CCESportNetwork. I’m honored AND pretty stoked with this association
— Kevin Ware (Web Designer, Blogger), June 2013 via Twitter
Congratulations CCESportNetwork on your 1st Birthday #partytime
— IGLFA Euro 2013 (European Champions hosted by Dublin Devils FC), June 2013 via Twitter
@CCESportNetwork awesome work you are doing too
— - Jaden Cornelious (International Classical Crossover Artist & Songwriter) Nov. 2013 via Twitter
Hi Thomas. I have been a frequent visitor to your site, and love what you have been doing. Look forward to hearing and seeing you in the near future.
— Kyle Wippel (Founder, Sports World) Jan. 2014 via Email
Big thanks for what you do. It is a huge and positive support for our community!
— James Ward (Tennis Player) March 14, 2013 via Email after donating
Great weekend commentating on the @CCESportNetwork in Houston! Congrats to hosts & players on great tourney! #houtex33 #glta @GLTAWorldTour
— Matt Feinberg (Attorney, Tennis Tournament Director Capital Classic) Nov. 2013 via Twitter
 Harley Garza (Tennis athlete)

Harley Garza (Tennis athlete)

I love your live streaming of GLTA matches. I would love to see you add a streaming live chat so people can interact with the commentator and each other as they watch the match. Keep up the great work! Thank you for supporting GLTA!
— Roger W. Davis (Tennis Athlete) Feb. 2013 via Email
You did an excellent job this weekend! What you do is great and I absolutely love it. Thank you again for letting me join you and commentate some of the matches, and thanks for taping and streaming my matches live. My friends out of town and state really appreciated it....I had such a great time, I ‘d love to do it again.
— Harley Garza (Tennis Player) Feb. 2013 via Email