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VIDEOS IN THE VAULT (as of November 15, 2017)

  • Welcome to "On The Court" with Coach Amir - Welcome video & what to expect
  • Introduction To The Forehand - Level:  Beginner (Category:  Forehand)
  • Dynamic Warm-Ups For All Levels - Level:  Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced (Category:  Drills, Fitness)
  • Forehand Drop Feed - Level: Beginner, Intermediate (Category:  Forehand and Drills)
  • Backhand Drop Feed - Level: Beginner, Intermediate (Category:  Backhand and Drills)
  • What is Top Spin and How Do You Use It - Level:  Beginner, Intermediate - (Category:  Forehand)
  • Footwork Drills For All Levels - Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced (Category:  Footwork, Drills and Fitness)
  • How To Hit Cross Court and Why - Level:  Beginner, Intermediate (Category:  Forehand)
  • Advice On How To Choose A Successful Tennis Coach - Level:  Beginner, Intermediate (Category:  How To...)
  • Quick Fix Video Series - How To Fix Double Faults
  • Quick Fix Video Series - How High Should My Ball Toss Be
  • Quick Fix Video Series - Put Your Shoulder In Your Serve
  • Quick Fix Video Series - How Can I Serve Faster
  • Quick Fix Video Series - How To Deal With Those Pesky Cramps
  • Quick Fix Video Series - The Obnoxious/Cheating Opponent
  • Quick Fix Video Series - Don't Get Trapped In No Man's Land
  • Quick Fix Video Series - Hitting Down The Line
  • Quick Fix Video Series - Let's fix that double fault with a drill
  • Quick Fix Video Series - Don't hit the ball late
  • Quick Fix Video Series - Flying balls?  Stop Playing Golf
  • Introduction To The Backhand - Level:  Beginner (Category:  Backhand)
  • Introduction To The Serve - Level:  Beginner (Category:  Serve)