- Washington Blade Sports Reporter, athlete and Capital Sports TV Host Kevin Majoros shares his story on why he supports the CCE Sports Network and what it means to him and the gay and lesbian sports community. Our goal in our 5th anniversary year in 2016 is to raise $50,000 in 50 days from 5,000 of our closes friends, fans, allies & supporters in support of the nation's only live web streaming platform for the Gay and Lesbian sports community. Where will your donation goes toward? Our goal is to bring our live web streaming production team (from Miami) to 12 different LGBT sporting events in 2016 along with our pre/post game team from Spokane, WA (Jonathan & Sergey) and our Washing DC Sports Reporter Kevin Majoros. We think this is a winning formula that will allow us to bring you the very best in LGBT sports from across the country. - Sergey and Jonathan from OUTSpoken have been an ardent supporter and an important member of the CCE Sports Network team and they want you to be apart of the CCE Sports Network's largest fundraiser ever. Our goal - reach out to 5,000 of our closes friends, family, allies and supporters and get them to donate at least $10 to help us reach our goal of $50,000. Won't you help us reach our goal today? Visit our website: and make a donation today.

Margaret Cho once said "The power of visibility can never be underestimated." It is this visibility that will allow all sports fans to see the dedication, talent & skill of the Gay and Lesbian athlete. The CCE Sports Network was created in 2012 to give the LGBT sports community a live web streaming multi-media platform to showcase these athletes.

We are excited as we enter into the 2014 broadcast season to bring you the best of LGBT sports from across the country. Tune in live, watch, chat and join the community.  DONATE TODAY and be apart of history.

The CCE Sports Network (a division of Click Click Expose Gay Entertainment Media) is teaming up with the International Gay and Lesbian Aquatics Association (IGLA), The New York Ramblers [soccer] and other LGBT sports organizations in the United States to bring you LIVE WEB STREAMING of the LGBT sports experience.  This trailer was produced for the Gay and Lesbian Tennis Alliance (GLTA) to give you an idea of the power and potential of live streaming a national LGBT sports organization - one who has 72 tennis tournaments spanning the United States and 5 continents.  

This will be the nation's first LGBT sports web initiative whose sole focus is to showcase the skill, athleticism and talent of the LGBT athlete in a live web streaming platform.  

Since May, 2012, we have completed 32 live sports tournaments with over 127,100 viewers, 87 days of live web streaming and more than 608 hours of live sports programming.  We are extremely excited to be launching this project and showcasing the diversity of the gay and lesbian athlete.  

We hope you will share in our enthusiasm and goal of reducing homophobia in sports and instilling pride in all athletes (no matter gay or straight, pro or amateur, young or old) - as we bring you the LGBT sports experience.  DONATE TODAY and be apart of history.