Coaching Vault with Coach Amir

Inspirational, Motivational, Educational - Tips on how to be a better tennis player & athlete


Polish off your tennis racket, lace up those tennis shoes and put your thinking caps on.  It's time to take your tennis game to an all new level.  Coach Amir Rahbar, a rising star among the coaching ranks in the state of Texas, will be bringing you a series of instructional and motivational videos to help you become a better tennis athlete.  Coach Amir is a top 30 NAIA college tennis player, ATP Dallas Challenger pre-qualifier and has coached for more than 7 years with more than 100 championships under his belt.  Come watch as he showcases a variety of tips, tricks and other nuggets of information that will inspire and hone your tennis skills.

If you haven't done so already, make sure you head over to his Facebook page and hit that "like" button so you can get all the news for Coach Amir and for those of you who want to see him in action, follow him on Instagram - he's like always smiling!!!!!!!! That's why his students like him so much. :-).  His new website is up as well at:

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