The Washington Spirit have had a terrific season with a 12-5-3 record in the National Women's Soccer League and they put their season on the line as they head into the Championship Final on October 9th.  A few months ago, Capital Sports TV Reporter Kevin Majoros had a chance to visit the players during practice and talk to some of the players.


Episode 20 - Go Washington Spirit as they head to the Championship Finals

Host:  Kevin Majoros in Boyds, Maryland

Anyone who knows the Metro Washington DC area knows that Baltimore isn't just a hop and a skip away.  If you are an aspiring rugby player, the closes game in town is in Metro DC.  Daryl Coffee sought to change that by founding Baltimore's first LGBT rugby club called "The Baltimore Flamingos."

Kevin Majoros takes a trip to Carroll Park in Baltimore, MD for rugby 101 and to introduce the area's newest LGBT team - the Baltimore Flamingos.  LGBT sports just keeps growing and growing and growing in the DC corridor.  Come check it out.

Episode 19 - LGBT rugby comes to Baltimore

Host:  Kevin Majoros @ Carroll Park in Baltimore, MD

Just a few months ago, Clare and Abebayo were sitting in a Ugandan jail cell. They were arrested when police raided a gay pride event they were attending in their home country.  In August, they got to achieve the impossible, they were at the Kinsmen Sports Centre in Edmonton competing in the International Gay and Lesbian Aquatics (IGLA) Championship, representing Uganda, a country that treats them with hostility and violence.

Co-Founder and Executive Director of Athlete Ally Hudson Taylor joins Capital Sports TV reporter Kevin Majoros at the 2016 United Night Out sponsored by DC United, Team DC and the Washington DC Federal Triangles Soccer Club - an annual LGBT event bringing together soccer fans, friends and family members to enjoy soccer DC style.  Hudson also shares with our fans the latest program to be launched by Athlete Ally - the "Every Fan" Campaign - a campaign that is aimed at making sure that every fan has equal access, opportunity and experience at any sporting event.

Episode #17 - United Out with DC United, FTSC, Team DC and guest Hudson Taylor from Athlete Ally

Kevin Majoros @ RFK Memorial Stadium in Washington, DC


Capital Sports TV Show - LGBT sports in Washington, DC

Washington, DC is the home to the largest and most organized LGBT sport's community in the United States with over 10,000 athletes participating in more than 30 sports across the metro area.  Organizations like Team DC and Stonewall Sports are leading the way creating an atmosphere where LGBT athletes can get together in a variety of competitive activities.

Reporter Kevin Majoros, a longtime supporter, beat writer & sports fanatic is the host of our newest monthly web series looking at the players, tournaments and events happening in and around the Washington, DC metro area.  Tune in every month to see what all of the talk is about in DC area sports.


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